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All that we have in life is a gift from God! As Christians, giving through tithes and offerings is our opportunity to return to God a small portion of God’s abundant blessing in our lives. These blessings are not limited to financial assets or possessions. Most of us can examine our own lives and find numerous blessings, perhaps even some astounding miracles!

John Wesley preached about “earning all you can, saving all you can, and giving all you can.” For Wesley, the tithe was not the ultimate goal of the Christian; it was the standard, the normative mark, the common denominator. Jesus’ teaching and example urge us to examine our choices with all our possessions and assets, not just ten percent of them.

The ways in which we choose to earn, give, save, and spend money are really spiritual decisions. When our first decision is one of giving, we place a greater level of trust in God. We begin by saying, “Thank you God! All that we have received is a blessing from you.” We acknowledge that we worship God and not money! Giving frees us from the bondage that money can have over our lives. Tithing encourages us to focus on God as the source of our strength, rather than our own achievements or financial assets. Tithing leads to spiritual growth.

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